20 Best SEO Auditing Tools: Boost Your Website's Performance

The marketplace of today has plenty of devices that greatly simplify the task of SEO auditing Tools. It doesn't require a lot of time for auditing to manually review every webpage. Nowadays, it's not difficult to locate hundreds of websites with auditing tools that assist you with identifying what is wrong with your website.

It's crucial to keep in mind that utilizing website auditing tools by themselves will not help anyone locate the issues using your system. To make sure the outcomes are acceptable, you must supplement with an experienced auditing team.

Top 20 SEO Auditing Tools

ContentKing SEO Audit

ContentKing gives you complete contextual awareness as the only platform for right-away SEO auditing Tools and monitoring, enabling companies to enhance and preserve organic search exposure.

ContentKing keeps a close eye on your internet presence, notifies you of any modifications or issues with the content as they occur, and allows you to take action before your search engine rankings are affected. You don't need to wait for scans to conclude when you get the most current data on the effectiveness of your SEO because of the 24/7 Monitor as well as Alerting.

Actionable Insights: All of your SEO data is presented in a clear overview that any member of your team can access without any additional training. Around-the-clock Monitoring involves ContentKing monitoring your website in real time, ensuring that you don't have to wait for a crawl.

Get real-time alerts and address issues with search engine optimization before they negatively affect your business's bottom line. See what has been inserted, omitted, and changed within a page using SEO Change Tracking.


The best-rated AI-creating tool on G2 is called GrowthBar. It's a comprehensive SEO auditing Tools for doing research, creating content, and optimizing SEO that makes use of AI and smart algorithms. Anyone looking to increase organic traffic while creating content ten times faster ought to employ GrowthBar.

Using the help of a simple Chrome plugin called GrowthBar, you can quickly obtain vital SEO information about any website and discover the growth routes and keywords that are most effective for it.

You may investigate top-performing keywords, difficulty level score, authority of the domain, backlink data, the number of words on pages, ads on Facebook, and numerous other things using this tool. GrowthBar makes using SEO and boosting traffic through organic means incredibly easy.

Frog in Screaming

Screaming Frog SEO auditing Tools is among the best options if you want to review your entire website on your computer's desktop at once. Screaming Frog scans your website and shows you each potential SEO issue; thus, it's not quite an audit tool per se but more of a crawling tool. Moreover it is the best SEO tools for beginners.

It functions as a comprehensive site audit tool, providing results on over thirty different variables, such as security, anchor text, response time, meta descriptions, and outlinks. You should utilise Screaming Frog when you're running up to 500 pages. Reports on more than 30 metrics, such as anchor text, security, response time, meta keywords, and outlinks, are provided by the program.


One of my most preferred tools for website SEO auditing Tools is MySiteAuditor. Larger SEO companies should use this instrument, which may be connected to your website, to increase lead generation. One of the products that is specifically compatible with Google's ranking algorithm is MySiteAuditor.

MySiteAuditor, in contrast to other tools, finds particular web pages for specific keyword phrases. After that, the results can be emailed or saved in the form of a PDF for use in creating regular tactics.

Ahrefs Site Audit

The best-rated SEO auditing Tools on G2 is called GrowthBar. It's a comprehensive tool for performing research, creating content, and optimising SEO that makes use of AI and smart algorithms. You'll swiftly recognize and take care of anything that could lower the search engine rankings of your website, such as broken links, redirects, photos, and entire JavaScript and CSS files.

There's no requirement to Google problems that you find completely unclear. To find out the problem and how to fix it, look at Ahrefs' dashboard. Very useful! Another feature that makes Site Audit easy is that it is cloud-based; no costly software needs to be installed.

The rate at which your website loads will ultimately influence how quickly it scans. Ahrefs can examine pages with JavaScript in addition to HTML, so no page will go unstudied, and you'll get an exhaustive overview of the current condition of your internet presence.


Sitechecker is an essential-in-one SEO application that helps monitor the performance of websites by combining all SEO data in one location. It has features for both routine monitoring (monitoring keyword popularity, monitoring backlinks, and website updates) and one-time inspections (SEO audit, verifying site rankings by keywords, on-page SEO checker). You need to give the free Site Checker SEO plugin a try when you want to improve page quality and search engine optimization with only one click.

There are price tiers for every necessity with SiteChecker. The process of auditing an SEO website is made faster and simpler by clear design, how-to guidelines, and custom SEO reports.

Website Audit for SE Ranking

One of the best instruments is SE Ranking, which may assist you not only in finding the errors but also in creating a list of things to do for your content, web developers, and designers to go over. After crawling your website, the tool returns over 70 measurements, including optimization for mobile devices, pictures and link evaluation, content, meta, pages, and domain overview.

The program in question differs from others in that it compiles all of the errors into a single report along with simple-to-follow instructions. You are able to save the findings in PDF format for additional use after the analysis is complete.

Marketing Grader

HubSpot launched Marketing Grader SEO auditing Tools, a web-based application that provides you with an overview of your website and allows users to delve further into each section. Because it provides an abundance of confusing data and facts to understand, it is a slightly complicated tool to utilise.

To help you better understand your online presence statistics, Marketing Grader ignores your blog, social media pages, mobile web page, SEO, and the generation of leads. For seasoned SEO experts who enjoy delving into the minute details of a website's actual position according to its material and links, it is ideal.


Seoptimer is an entirely free internet SEO auditing Tools that, in addition to reporting important issues with your online presence, makes recommendations regarding how to raise your website's search engine ranking. The Chrome extension is easy to download, and then you can begin going through each page of the website one at a time.


SiteAnalyzer is an excellent SEO auditing Tools and offers a free 14-day trial. This program allows you to find your issue areas and correct all of your technical SEO errors by providing the user with a report according to 50 parameters.

You may get a comprehensive analysis of your online presence with an overall rating on access, layout, networking, text, and multimedia, among other aspects, with SiteAnalyzer.

SEO Report Card

SEO Summary is one of the best methods of auditing your website if you're seeking an instant review. The SEO auditing Tools works quickly and presents itself in a very apparent manner. The website is audited by this tool using metrics, rank examination, building links, on-site analysis, and current indexing, among other areas.

DeepCrawl / Lumar

In-depth reports are generated by DeepCrawl, which also crawls millions of webpages. One of the greatest tools for handling significant marketing campaigns is this one. Additionally, it provides you with information about other businesses based on social media marketing, content, and site layout.

Additionally, DeepCrawl lets you personalise your crawls by setting metrics for content, website load time, hyperlinks, titles, and URL lengths, among other things. You can also auto-schedule crawling operations. Furthermore, DeepCrawl makes it simple for you to oversee your SEO staff. The implementation allows users to create support requests, give responsibilities to your staff, and periodically monitor the operation of your online presence.

Google Catalog

The greatest tool to utilise if you're just starting out in SEO is Google Search Console. This is a free Seo auditing tools that offers a significant amount of insight and an overview of important items, including HTML markups, broken links, page speed tools, and indexed web pages. Along with your website's ranking, you can also see the number of clicks and impressions it receives from the results pages of search engines.

The main drawback is that it fails to provide your website with an adequate overview. However, it's a fantastic tool for an initial evaluation of your website.

Moz Crawl Test

Another tool that is frequently employed for SEO and site auditing is the Moz Crawl Test. Using its own site crawler, Moz assists webmasters in locating important website flaws, HTTP status codes, and other pertinent SEO information for website inspections. This tool also assists users in identifying duplicate material on your site, title tag issues, server redirection, and other important components that impact your website's accessibility and indexability.

Whatagraph: Sample SEO Report

SEO performance evaluation is made simpler with the Whatagraph SEO reporting tool, specifically for marketing firms. This application integrates Whatagraph with other crucial SEO auditing tools, like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, and many more, to extract important metrics and compile them into a single, all-inclusive marketing report.

With just a few clicks, it provides the customers with comprehensive insights. Monitor and display metrics related to link building, impressions, clicks, CTR, and overall organic traffic on your website. This application lets you view the data as lists, tables, charts, photos, and comments, depending on what you want to see.

You can do rival SEO analysis and familiarize yourself with competitors' activity with Whatagraph and its readily available integrations. Decide which areas need the most attention first. Make well-informed projections for the future by examining past trends to determine how the organic traffic to your site has increased over time in comparison to that of your competitors.

The SEO Audit Tool from Found

An effective tool for web marketers trying to find and fix SEO issues is Found's SEO Audit. To receive an immediate evaluation based on each of the three primary sections—technical, content worries, and external link analysis—all you need to do is enter the address of your website. After that, you can download the findings in PDF format for use in planning and future approaches.

Website Auditor

Using WebSite Auditor, a desktop SEO audit application, users can quickly and easily do a thorough audit of your website.

Including most of them as technical SEO crawlers, the program does a sitewide audit, checking web pages for technological SEO issues including duplicate pages, redirect chains, damaged resources, and more.

Dealing with all of them won't be too difficult because it will highlight mistakes and provide advice on how to correct them. In order to perform a large-scale audit of every one of your websites and determine whether they adhere to the core web vitals specifications, you can additionally connect WebSite Auditor to the PageSpeed API.

Optimizing each page is an additional helpful function of WebSite Auditor. Inside the software, there is an SEO Content Editor to enhance on-page SEO. You can assess the improvement rate of a single page (or build one from scratch), add suggested terms, test metadata snippets, and much more. These are a few of the top SEO auditing tools for e-commerce available right now.

Alexa Site Audit

Website administrators love the Alexa Seo Audit tools since it makes it easier for them to identify and address problems with their websites. Based on Alexa statistics, it offers backlink reports and keyword recommendations. The format of the created report is straightforward to read, which enables error correction and reading by the user. The main cause of traffic to is google.com__Google organic (44.22% of traffic), with direct coming in second (23.41%). The majority of consumers visit and the online retailer after browsing

SERPSTAT Website Audit Tool

A useful tool for evaluating and enhancing technical optimization is the Serpstat site audit. This tool is suitable for both SEO experts and agencies, as well as people who are not experts in the field. It displays the many kinds of errors that exist on your website, what they are, and even offers several quick fixes. As a result, you are able to utilize this tool to run your domain and obtain all the information you require to enhance your website and raise its Google search ranking.

It detects any problems pertaining to server settings, HTTP, loading speed, headers, indexation, links, redirects, and meta tags. It enables you to publish the analysis as a PDF or spreadsheet. Some of you can also personalize this report with your own logo. Using Serpstat tools, users can track a website's rank in search engine results pages (search engine results pages), identify technical faults, expand their selection of phrases, evaluate competitors, and track backlinks.

FirstSiteGuide Lookup Tool

The Lookup tool from FirstSiteGuide is a free tool that assists you in finding every relevant detail you require about any website. It's excellent if you want to enhance your advertising and SEO because it's quite useful for rank monitoring, keyword and material research, competitor evaluation, and web monitoring.


Optimizing each page is an additional helpful function of website auditing. Using the software, there is an SEO Content Editor to enhance on-page SEO. Anyone can assess the improvement rate of a single page (or build one from scratch), add recommended phrases, test meta fragments, and much more. These are a few of the most popular SEO Auditing tools for e-commerce available right now. All of these can make your website efficient but with Premium WordPress themes your website gets a boost and engages your users. You can get yourself a perfect website with The Classic templates WordPress themes or a all in one package of the WordPress theme bundle.

A free online auditing tool called Seoptimer makes suggestions for raising a website's internet search engine ranking. SiteAnalyzer is a 14-day trial version of an outstanding SEO assessment tool. Additional tools are Whatagraph: Sample SEO Report, SEO Report Card, DeepCrawl, Google Catalog, Moz Crawl Test, Alexa Site Audit, Serpstat Website Audit Tool, Found's SEO Audit, WebSite Auditor, and FirstSiteGuide Lookup Tool. With the utilization of these tools, users may assess the written material and search engine placement of their websites, get complete information on text, multimedia, networking, access, and layout, tailor crawls, supervise SEO personnel, and get a summary of key SEO components.

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