Best SEO Tools for Beginners

14 Best SEO Tools for Beginners to Make Your Website Efficient


There are several factors to take into account when dealing with SEO. What is the ranking of your pages? Which keywords are most effective? How much time must you commit to research and delivery? There are Best SEO Tools for Beginners that can guide you in making the right choices, cut down on the time you spend analyzing off-page as well as on-page SEO, and keep you from getting overwhelmed with data.

To increase efficiency and obtain a competitive edge, it's necessary to use some of these technologies, especially if you're employing off-page as well as on-page SEO. Tools are required for both the technical parts of SEO and keyword research. For off-page optimization, you'll require tools like backlink analysis and monitoring. Tools for tracking the effectiveness of pages and keywords will also be necessary. Fortunately, there are lots of helpful SEO tools out there.

Best SEO Tools for Beginners

Tools for researching keywords:

Relevant keywords are one of SEO's primary elements. Finding the ideal keywords to improve your ranking in search engines will require the use of a tool that allows users to:

  • Look for keywords that have fewer competitors and a large search volume.
  • Obtain predicted traffic for your chosen keywords.
  • Create a list of keywords for latent semantic indexing (LSI).
  • Select carefully your primary and secondary keywords.
  • Identify the keywords that competitors are effectively utilizing.

Google Keyword Planner: Best SEO Tools for Beginners

Through Google Ads, users can access Google Keyword Planner, a paid service for analyzing keywords. It allows you to locate relevant and fresh terms throughout time, along with an average monthly search volume. In addition, you can see what keywords have been employed by the competitors in order to appear in search results and the cost associated with bidding on specific phrases.

Some useful assets for researching keywords are:

  • SEMrush (paid)
  • Keywords: Everywhere (paid)
  • KWFinder (free)
  • Moz (free-mium)

Google Trends:

A free SEO tool for beginners studying keywords is Google Trends, which displays the volume as well as interest in terms over time. Furthermore, you may search for trending topics linked to a term, find associated searches, and filter results based on your location.

Technical Best SEO Tools for Beginners:

You can find out more about the functionality of your website by using the best technical SEO tools for beginners. It will be obvious to you what can allow and prevent your website from ranking anything that is nearly impossible to accomplish without tools. Using these, you may find, correct, and maximize:

  • Meta tag errors
  • Duplicate pages and internal redirects
  • Canonical page references
  • Issues with page crawling and broken links

Moreover, you can view what bots see. This covers the time it takes for your website to load, any 404 pages, server-side rendering problems, and server responses. Additionally, users may check when a sitemap or your website is being scanned by bots.

Screaming Frog:

Crawling your website and providing you with a list of references akin to Moz is what Screaming Frog, a costly tool, does. It offers a thorough examination of each issue that can affect a website's efficiency, including the user experience as well as rankings in search engines.

Sitemap Builder Slickplan:

With an intuitive dragging and dropping interface, website owners can design, create, and visualize sitemaps with Slick plan's Sitemap Builder tool. Anyone can create a sitemap from scratch and use one of the free templates already available.

The Slickplan Sitemap Builder is created for collaborative groups who may need to work jointly to customise huge sitemaps. For effective indexing, it also has an XML export function so that you can upload straight to your account in the Google Search Console.

Google Search Console:

Similar input from Google's bots is available through the free Google Search Console. Moreover, you may upload a sitemap with this application to help Google locate web pages more rapidly. The only prerequisite is that you have verified your website first.

Some of you can also increase your rankings with the help of other premium technical search engine SEO tools for beginners, like WooRank and Deep Crawl, which can offer insights. Because many of these tools are similar, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. To find out if they are recognizing the same problems, it is best to use two at the same time.


Moz is a complete freemium The best SEO tool for beginners that provides guidance on how to improve rankings and address issues with websites. A review of what Moz's bot sees may be found in its Site Crawl Overview section. Long URLs, redirection chains, duplicate material, missing explanations, and no-index meta descriptions are a few instances of these issues.

Tools for Tracking and Evaluating Backlinks:

Off-page SEO requires backlinks, or links pointing to your website from other websites. It's an excellent plan to monitor whether these hyperlinks are appropriate for your website or spam.

  • Tools for backlink tracking and evaluation assist you in:
  • Track backlinks to your web page.
  • Examine which of your ties are the strongest.
  • Perform a competitive analysis.
  • Calculate the backlink-to-referring domain percentage.
  • Identify which bad backlinks to eliminate.
  • Measure the flow of trust and citations.
  • Verify the link distribution ratio.
  • Keep track of the number of links that are do-follow and no-follow.


Majestic is a freemium The best SEO tool for beginners has evaluations identical to the preceding two, but its main emphasis is on trust flow and citation metrics. Link volume is also regarded as citation flow, while link quality is referred to as trust flow. The ability to toggle between languages is a further benefit.

Moreover of the best SEO Tools for beginners can be WPForms which is a great beneficial for the Ecommerce website and also comes with the best drag and drop form builder which makes it the best gravity forms WordPress plugins.

Google Search Console:

Technical SEO and backlink studies are also helped by the Google Search Console. You may view the number of links both inside and outside of the most popular linking internet pages, anchoring texts, and more using these best SEO tools for beginners. Having a good ratio of internal and external links is important from a search engine optimization point of view, and Google Search Console is an invaluable resource for this.

Other important SEO tools:

The following are some important SEO resources that could improve a site's search engine optimization:

Free SEO Report Card from UpCity:

You may use UpCity's free SEO assessment to evaluate your website and see how it stacks up against the competition. For an SEO Report Card to send you a report, some information and an email address are needed.

The Webmaster for Bing:

Through Microsoft Bing Webmaster, users are given access to a range of the best SEO tools for beginners, including reports, diagnostics, and SEO tools. To make sure your website is optimized for organic search, users can use free SEO tools to examine your content, monitor backlinks, and search for keywords that are pertinent.

Ninjas of Internet Marketing:

The business that specializes in SEO You can utilise a variety of free tools from Internet Marketing Ninjas to assess the way your website performs in comparison to rivals, create meta tags, optimize pages for particular phrases, and boost organic internet traffic.

HubSpot Website Grader:

Marketing objectives include increasing internet traffic and generating suitable leads for the business. So, as marketers, you have to know exactly what you are able to do to raise the SEO of that website. Use HubSpot's Site Grader to enter the web address of your web page and receive an instant assessment of your SEO efforts. After that, you can enroll in the HubSpot Academy SEO course, which teaches you about how to enhance the user experience (UX) and SEO of your online presence.

Check out my links:

You may use the Google Chrome plugin Check My Links to assess the effectiveness of your links on internal as well as external websites. For example, Check My Links may provide you with data on the overall number of links on Wikipedia in addition to the percentage of links that are broken if you perform a keyword search there.


Find out how search engines like Google perceive your online presence with the help of Seolyzer, an entirely free website crawling, log analysis, and SEO tool. In order to find and create your SEO KPIs if crawling bots visit your site, Seolyzer gathers data from your server's log files. Additionally, the programme displays the speed of the page metrics, issue codes, and redirects.


To raise your search engine rating, you must carry out keyword research. Moz, KWFinder, Keywords Everywhere, SEMrush, and Google Keyword Planner are a few helpful tools. Google Trends illustrates the amount and interest over the years, while technical SEO tools help find and address problems like meta tag mistakes, duplicate pages, and broken links. After crawling your website, Screaming Frog offers a list of references. Users may generate and review sitemaps using Slickplan's Sitemap Builder, and the Google Search Console also offers Google bot feedback. Moz is a freemium service that provides advice on enhancing rankings as well as fixing issues with websites. For off-page SEO, backlink tracking and assessment tools are crucial.

For beginners diving into the world of SEO, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for success. One invaluable asset to consider is a WordPress theme bundle. These bundles not only offer visually appealing designs but also come equipped with built-in SEO features that can help boost your website's visibility and rankings on search engines. With a WordPress theme bundle, beginners can streamline their SEO efforts by optimizing their website's structure, content, and performance, all while enjoying the flexibility and ease of use that WordPress offers. Whether you're new to SEO or looking to enhance your existing strategy, investing in a WordPress theme bundle can be a game-changer for your online presence.

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