10 Best Gravity Forms Wordpress Plugins to Create Forms on Wordpress


If you use Gravity Forms WordPress Plugins, then you're surely aware that this is the most popular and widely used form plugin for WordPress. Installing plugins is a must when you are interested in operating a successful and visually stunning web page, which requires the use of forms.

Having said that, Gravity Forms has grown to depend on several specialist plugins.

The Internal Workings of Gravity Forms WordPress Plugins

The best free plugins for WordPress enable you to link your website with Gravity Forms while creating various forms. It's easy to add questionnaires, tests, and forms for contact to a website with the help of this plugin. It has been recognized for utilizing conditional formatting in order to route form submissions to designated email addresses and display and hide inquiries in response to responses.

With abilities like storing, logic, online shopping, and a lot more, WordPress users can create significantly more complicated forms. This plugin offers three Licence levels: Basic, Pro, and Elite, all of which are affordable. Gravity Forms also offers an infinite feature set and is simple to set up. These plugins come very handy when making a website. They make everything simpler and makes your work a lot more easier. To know more about the making of website you can also refer to our blog on how to build an online store within five minutes.

The Important Role of Gravity Forms in WordPress

Forms are a crucial aspect to take seriously when building a WordPress website with gravity forms when you are hoping to market effectively and gain the trust of your users. Investing in a high-quality plugin ensures efficient and simple data collection.

You can fully customise any form using Gravity Forms, specifying who can complete it, see it, and receive the results. Gravity Forms can assist you in doing all of these tasks and more for your website built with WordPress, whether your goal is to make sales forms or you just want to have basic pages for inquiries and email sign-ups.

Gravity develops Top conversations, analytics, payment processing, cloud storage, and automated marketing firms are all linked to WordPress. Some of the integrations are interesting: MailChimp, Stripe, HubSpot, Slack, and Constant Contact.

WordPress Gravity Forms Benefits:

Ability to Customise: Those who use WordPress for Gravity Forms have an amazing variety of modification options. Nearly all fields on the form can be edited. Some users can use this method to create a form that is unique to your website. With CSS class names, users are able to alter the Gravity Form's default styles.

Add extra features: Additionally, the add-on for WordPress Gravity Forms divides the form across various pages to prevent form fatigue. Users can exit the form, come back, and finish it at another moment by selecting the "save and continue" option. The user will still need to register an account in order to use the save and continue feature.

The highest degree of usefulness: gravity forms WordPress' intuitive design has made form-building easy. Even someone with no experience could do it accurately in just a couple of minutes. The majority of clients who require forms for their internet companies just lack the time to become skilled in coding. They don't have to since Gravity Forms enables users to enter whatever form they want with just a click of the Gravity button.

The Best 10 Plugins for Gravity Forms:

WP Gravity Forms Keap/Infusionsoft:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

The Gravity Forms Infusionsoft gravity forms WordPress plugin addition ensures smooth data integration between Keap CRM and Infusionsoft by immediately and seamlessly transmitting form responses to both platforms upon user submission. Use the safe and secure Oauth 2.0 link to link any gravity form field to your infusionsoft-Keap account. Users are able to link many Keap/Infusionsoft CRM accounts.

Features include Give Infusionsoft Contacts tags based on input from users, If someone submits a form, you can save their geolocation, utm parameters, and gclid. More specifically, telephone number fields, custom fields, Users may utilise cell phone or email search services to find the lead's contact information following filing an information request. Using Infusionsoft to track affiliates and contact attachments

WP Gravity Forms Insightly:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

The Gravity Forms Insightly Extension gravity forms WordPress plugins instantly sends the form replies to Insightly when the form for contact has been filled out. Securely connect Gravity Forms to your Insightly account with Oauth 2.0. Gravity Forms also allow users to connect to many insightful accounts. By definition, if a user submits a gravity form, send the data to Insightly. Additionally, gravity form entries can be directly sent to Insightly CRM.

Feature include Apply tags utilising Insightly CRM, Assign a designated ownership to every insightful object (contacts, leads, etc.). Assign tasks, tasks, and other items to a category. Customers can obtain the email address and telephone number of a lead by using telephone and email lookup services after submitting a contact form. Give each lead details regarding their source and current state. More than 20 premium additions, Specifically, there are distinct fields for phone numbers.

WP Gravity Forms Dynamics CRM:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

When someone submits a form on your web page, the Gravity Forms Dynamics CRM Add-on instantly moves the form submission to Dynamics CRM Online, simplifying your process. With this integration, you can be sure that all information that is gathered using your forms is quickly and easily sent to your Dynamics CRM, which will save you time entering data by hand and improve the client relationship administration procedure. You may send these fields as a Dynamics CRM contact note when a contact form contains fields that cannot be translated to any Dynamics CRM connection fields.

Features include Gravity Forms from Dynamics gravity forms WordPress plugins CRM When a form has been filled out, the add-on immediately feeds Dynamics CRM Online with the data. Specifically, phone number fields, customised fields, Customised entities in Dynamics CRM, In Dynamics CRM, attach an object (Account, Contact, etc.) produced by a certain feed to an item (Lead, Case) generated by another feed. Integrate an inquiry into the Dynamics CRM campaign, More than 20 premium additions

WP Gravity Forms HubSpot plugins:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

The WP Gravity Forms HubSpot gravity forms WordPress plugins are an effective solution that makes managing information and collecting it for your website more efficient. The Gravity Forms HubSpot add-on represents one of its distinctive features.

The Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-on activates when a user fills out a form on the site and hits "Submit." It enables smooth data transfer by acting as a bridge between your HubSpot login and your WordPress Gravity Forms. Use the safe and secure Oauth 2.0 link to link any gravity form field to your infusionsoft-Keap account. Users are able to link multiple Keap/Infusionsoft CRM accounts.

Features include Add a contact to a ticket and task. Add contacts to HubSpot groups and WorkFlows. Assign a task, ticket, and contact to a business. Particularly, phone number entries in personal fields, To a contract, ticket, task, or business, add a HubSpot contact. Update the deals and tickets on HubSpot.

WP Gravity Forms, Zoho CRM, and Bigin:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

The gravity forms WordPress plugins Styles Pro Extension is the most effective WordPress form builder plugin accessible, and it's also among the best plugins that can be modified. Anyone may quickly establish or alter a lead, contact, or any other kind of object in Zoho CRM/Bigin when an entry is generated in Gravity Forms. An object's ID generated and changed by one feed can be used in another feed. For instance, updating the account with a contact.

Assign a person to be the owner of each contact, lead, and other item in Zoho CRM. Integrate a lead and contact into any of the initiatives. Match up one object with another. Private fields and modules are available in Zoho CRM (particularly phone number fields). Set a lead's sources and status in Zoho CRM. When a user fills out a form, you may keep close tabs on their geolocation, utm parameters, and gclid. You can utilise reliable phone and email search engines to obtain a lead's contact details when they complete a contact form.

Integration for Gravity Forms and Pipedrive:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

Form submissions on Gravity Forms-created websites immediately send their data to Pipedrive CRM, allowing users to manage contacts, organisations, and deals using the data generated by the forms. For the purposes of sales and management of client relationships, this connection speeds up the process of collecting and keeping client information. With just the Pipedrive API key and URL, users may link their Pipedrive account to any of the forms. Additionally, users can link multiple accounts together.

Features include Custom fields in a Pipedrive field, Your mobile number is entered in Pipedrive CRM. Pipedrive CRM is able to produce leads. Assign the dealing organisation and the contact, Create organisations and deals in Pipedrive. Assign the contact for the Pipedrive Deal, In Pipedrive, give responsibilities to contacts, organisations, and deals.

WP Gravity Forms Zendesk:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

The Zendesk Add-on gravity forms WordPress plugins allow the smooth transfer of submission data to the Zendesk system when a form is filled out via Matter Forms. Zendesk offers a feature-rich platform for managing client concerns and requests by allowing users to set up and manage personal data and related support tickets.

Naturally When a user enters a gravity form, Zendesk should receive the entries. Additionally, gravity submissions for forms can be manually sent to Zendesk.More fields specifically for telephone number fieldsAssign tickets to agents, Uploaded tickets in Zendesk, Select the priority and type of ticket. Whenever a user submits a form, a few of you may save geolocation parameters.

WP Gravity Forms Salesforce:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

Gravity Forms for Salesforce When a form is submitted through your website, the plugin syncs gravity forms WordPress plugins form inputs with Salesforce CRM. When someone fills out a contact form on your website, anyone may use Salesforce CRM to create and modify an individual's account, case, opportunity, and order.

Features include Add a contact and a lead to a campaign. Assign a certain object to someone. For example, you can attach a user account to a Salesforce contact. Assign a Salesforce owner to an item, like a contact, lead, etc. Include files in the "Files" section of Salesforce. Custom fields include, for instance, phone fields.

WP Gravity Forms Constant Contact Plugin:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

The Gravity Forms for the Constant Contact Plugin uploads form replies from gravity forms WordPress plugins to Constant Contact's databases whenever a form is submitted on your web page.

Features include Custom fields in Constant Contact, telephone number fields for ongoing communication, Once a user finishes a contact form, keep a close eye on the utm, geolocation, and gclid parameters. To find the phone number and email of a client, use reputable phone numbers as well as email search engines.

Connector for Gravity Forms and Google Sheets:

gravity forms wordpress plugins

One useful connection tool is the Gravity Forms and Google Sheets Connector. This relationship seamlessly transfers form replies from Gravity Forms entries made on the website to a specified Google Sheets document. This ensures that every piece of knowledge collected through your forms is neatly arranged and easily accessible through your Google Sheets, facilitating data administration and analysis. When a user fills out a gravity form, you can instantly send the contribution to Google Sheets. Also, you're able to directly send gravity form responses to Google Sheets.

Features include Build Google Sheets streams that are infinite. Google Sheets allows you to upload files from Gravity Forms, link Gravity Forms' phone number fields to Google Sheets, Record the user's settings, utm settings, and Gclid in the event they decide to complete a contact form.


Gravity Forms users have access to a wide selection of premium WordPress plugins and extras that enhance the user experience. Using the Basic Add-ons, users can integrate Gravity Forms with email advertising platforms such as Active Campaign, MailChimp, Mad Mimi, and AWeber. The 16 extra add-ons that are accessible to customers who purchase the Professional and Elite licences add to the capability of Gravity Forms.

With the Gravity Forms Product Add-ons, clients may combine complicated manufacturing forms with any WooCommerce products and control pricing in online enterprises. The Gravity Styles Pro Add-on is the best choice for modifying forms; it includes pre-made style themes along with over 2,000 styles, parts, and symbols. Additionally, each of these plugins works with any costly WordPress theme.

With the use of Gravity Perks' more than 30 plugins, users can alter forms without requiring extra website code. Gravity View makes it easier to upload files to websites by displaying pertinent data without requiring code modifications. Logical reasoning, form pagination tracking, dynamic event values, and tracking of events with Gravity Forms are made possible by Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Word's complete automated document solution, Gravity Forms, allows customers to send emails straight to clients.

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