12 Best WordPress Booking Plugins for Appointment Booking On Your Website


There is an increasing requirement for effective appointment booking systems as more and more businesses provide their services online. A variety of plugins are accessible for WordPress, a well-liked and adaptable platform, to assist you with fulfilling your appointment booking requirements. Given this, we have done the legwork and selected the top 12 booking plugins that are feature-rich, adaptable, and user-friendly.

These WordPress booking plugins will improve the overall customer experience and streamline the booking process. These plugins will completely alter the way you handle appointments, whether you manage a salon, doctor's office, fitness centre, or any other kind of service-based business. Continue reading to learn about the top WordPress booking plugin that will improve your website even further. 

12 Best WordPress Booking Plugins

1. WP Booking Calendar

WordPress booking plugins Calendar: The first booking system created just for WordPress is the initial "Booking Calendar." With your WordPress website, you're able to effortlessly handle full-day reservations, time-slot appointments, and conferences with an amazing all-in-one booking system.

Plugin offers a simple-to-use booking system that lets you show calendar availability, take bookings from visitors to your online presence, and handle bookings with a modern and stylish booking admin interface.

Booking Calendar also lets users stay current while avoiding duplicate bookings by syncing reservations with other platforms. We created an extensive number of capabilities as the original WordPress reservation system to meet your unique booking requirements.

Provide visitors and customers an opportunity of reserving your property and services for a whole day and specific time period by simply specifying the available dates.

The enhanced versions provide a comprehensive system with multiple resources, seasonal pricing, conditional date choice, availability search, and even an online platform where users are able to manage their own availability, similar to an Airbnb portal, for those who require greater functionality.

2. Salon booking system

The Salon Booking System WordPress booking plugins is packed with features and user-friendly scheduling application for booking appointments.

It benefits your business by increasing the number of bookings made through your website and saving your countless hours on agenda management responsibilities.

Since its release in 2015, our plugin has been used for scheduling appointments by over 10,000 websites globally.

If you provide professional assistance by appointment, on the same day, and to only one customer per reservation, which is the most effective option. Using the Salon Booking System makes making arrangements simple.

The following have effectively utilised the salon booking system:

  • Barbershops
  • Health facility
  • Salons for hair
  • Salons of beauty
  • Spas
  • Therapists
  • Tutors
  • Workshop for mechanics

3. EventPrime – Events Calendar, Bookings and Tickets

A cutting-edge, user-friendly WordPress booking plugins events calendar plugin is called EventPrime. You can effortlessly add new events to the website with the EventPrime activities plugin. Just select a date from the Meetings Calendar located in the WordPress Dashboard section, and begin organising your event! Enable Bookings from EventPrime's event settings to publish both paid and free events.

  • Accept both Stripe and PayPal payments for reservations.
  • Create offers depending on various parameters.
  • Day, Agenda, Week, and Monthly views are available in the Event Calendar.
  • Incorporate cover and entry fees in addition to per-ticket costs.
  • With the integrated tickets creation module, you're given the ability to create several ticket types & classes for your events.

You finally have a sophisticated event management system that allows you to design and manage a celebration list the way you've always wanted thanks to our WordPress events plugin! The WordPress event calendar displayed on the front end for those who visit and the dashboard calendar are now identical. The user interface of the Event Calendar will look precisely as you set up it from the dashboard. At last, an easy-to-use WordPress Events Calendar plugins! The EventPrime meetings plugin has made managing events in WordPress easier than it has ever been.

An elegant and useful view that displays an enormous calendar that has been switched to the current month. The colour of the background and text colours of the events originate from the parent Event Type and are superimposed over the appropriate dates. This guarantees that even during the busiest months, specific occurrences stand out.

4. WP Travel Engine – Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugin

The greatest WordPress booking plugins for travel booking that makes websites that are engine friendly is WP Travel Engine.

In order to assist operators of travel-related websites in creating booking websites for tours and travel in a timely manner and to increase inquiries, bookings, and Absolute Order Value (AOV), we developed WP Travel Engine, a plugin for WordPress designed for travel.

Everything you require for launching a fully functional travel website and begin taking payments from clients is accessible with WP Travel Engine, from designing detailed schedules to handling customer payments.

USE ADD-ONS TO EXTEND FEATURES: The WP Travel Engine plugins comes with a tonne of add-ons to expand the functionality of your website while offering visitors with an easy booking experience. Examine the features and discover why WP Travel Engines can be the greatest WordPress plugin for arranging travel and tours.

It accepts payments made through any of the different payment processors that WooCommerce offers. The most widely used plugin for setting up an online store, WooCommerce, works with virtually every payment gateway available globally. This suggests that your local payment processor is probably supported by WP Travel Engine.

5. Scheduling Plugin – Online Booking for WordPress

At Start Booking, we think that each website that converts well needs to have a simple online reservation process. The primary goals of the WordPress booking plugins Start Booking are to help people and companies in managing their customer base, scheduling more appointments, and marketing their offerings.

The Start Booking cloud-based system and the timetable scheduling plugin work together smoothly to power online booking & show your services and courses anyplace on your WordPress website. The plugin was created to take over and take the styles from your Premium WordPress theme, so very little—if any—updates are required to provide your website with a booking calendar that functions well and looks professional.

You are going to find a good mix between the booking options that you have access to from the comfort of the WordPress admin and those that are accessible from within the Starting Booking platform directly when using appointment booking services from Start Booking. Our experience has shown that most companies choose not to manage each element of their operations from within the WordPress admin. For this reason, we created the online planning tool Start Booking to assist you in better managing your goods, appointments, seminars, and business, all while using your website built on WordPress as a valuable tool and essential component of the process.

Go to any page and post on which you want to show your booking form in order to utilise the Gutenberg blocks.

The services block is the initial and most widely used choice. According to your Start Booking settings, the extension will return current openings when a user selects the service and date for booking. This section will display a customisable booking flow.

6. Tourfic

The Ultimate Hotel Booking, WordPress booking plugins , and Apartment Booking WordPress Plugin, Tourfic, can assist anyone in creating a hotel booking, travel booking, or apartment booking site quickly and easily. Its reliance on WooCommerce, intuitive UI, and advanced price logic make it simple to handle your online booking system, order structure, and any WooCommerce payment option.

Furthermore, you have the option to let clients create accounts and make online reservations for tours, hotels, and apartments. More specifically, with Tourfic's assistance, you can quickly and simply create a website that looks like Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, Airbnb, and so on.

Almost all of the simple to complex capabilities anyone would need for their future woocommerce-based hotel, flat, and travel website are included in this all-in-one Travel Bookings WordPress plugin:

7. MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

Using this WordPress booking plugins, you can expand your Mailchimp email list. It may be used to construct aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly sign-up forms or to combine it with any other type of form that currently exists on your WordPress website, including your payment, contact, or comment forms. This Plugin is full with features and also makes this plugins one of the best WordPress pop up Form Plugins.

Sending email campaigns to an audience of people who receive emails is possible with Mailchimp, an email marketing service. Many small businesses worldwide like this newsletter service because it is free for lists with no more than 500 email subscribers.

8. Responsive Menu: Create a Mobile-Friendly Menu

WordPress booking plugins with a very configurable responsive menu. You receive an assortment of 22,500 options with more than 150 adaptable options! With an intuitive interface, users can easily customise the way it looks without any coding expertise or comprehension. For peace of mind, users can run these tests manually using the plugin's 100% test unit coverage.

  • Capability to be disabled and modify the various parts
  • Choosing a menu for use
  • Integrated search with extensive customisation
  • Make use of the menu's backdrop image.
  • Option among pushing the content and sliding over the top for menu animations
  • Select the depth of the submenu that appears, down to
  • Selectable Animation Styles and Veloces for the Menu and Button
  • Selecting the screen size when the menu appears
  • Selecting which CSS parts to conceal when the menu appears
  • The ability to add logos, sub-arrow graphics, and so on.
  • The option to have the button stay at the top and move with the page

9. The Plus Addons for Elementor

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a robust addon for the Elementor Website Builder WordPress booking plugins that includes 120+ strong widgets and extensions, 300+ UI essential blocks, and 18+ templates that are ready to use.

Social feeds display information from your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X (previously Twitter), Vimeo, and other dynamic feeds in real time. Elementor Carousel Login, Register, and Password Recall Form Everything may change any section into a carousel. Pop-Up Elementor Builder

A widget to display a single song and a playlist of songs. For sites or projects in the field of entertainment, it could be an essential widget.

The fastest and easiest Instagram feed widget for Elementor has ever been created. With an access token, a username, and the Instagram account of any user, anyone can obtain the feed. Extensive grid settings with limitless customisation possibilities and unique Instagram feed design options.

Use a single, small element or widget to set up the WordPress Login, WordPress Member Signup, and/or Forgot Password forms. Ideal for membership sites built with WordPress.

10. Spam protection, anti-spam, and firewalls by CleanTalk

Best-rated WordPress booking plugins spam prevention protection. Not a maths problem, a CAPTCHA, inquiries, animal counts, puzzles, or spam bots. Plugin for universal anti-spam.

Built-in safeguards against spam for JetPack, WordPress, and other comment plugins. Spam comments are transferred by the plugin to the SPAM folder, or you may choose to have them silently banned. Additionally, you may toggle on the plugin's auto-delete comment feature from the SPAM folder.

The Elementor Site Builder's safeguard against spam is expanded with this plugin. The system filters spam comments and verifies the type of contact form.

The plugin increases Gravity Forms' spam protection. Any kind of spam submission is filtered by it.

Formidable Form Builder's safeguard against spam is expanded by a plugin. It checks spam submissions for all forms, including survey, quiz, and inquiry forms.

11. Free Booking Plugin by eaSYNC for Restaurants, Hotels, and Rental Cars

To obtain the client ID, this plugin needs a Paypal merchant account. Use the eaSYNC WordPress booking plugins, a WordPress booking plugin for hotels, restaurants, and car rentals, to streamline the customer booking experience!

When someone needs a car for specific occasions and activities, the plugin can be quite helpful in booking car rental services. It may additionally be used by activity planners and guests to reserve hotel rooms. For those who want to host events such as Christmas parties, baby showers, and birthday celebrations, function halls and party rooms are available. Finally, it could handle bookings for restaurants and food for special events such as work dinners, dating nights, reunions of families, and Valentine's Day.

Completely responsive booking forms. Sleek user connect Booking entries are divided into Active, Inert, Pending, and Trash. Simple installation and usage (the installation service available) Emails will be sent to guests. The choice to switch a particular module on or off Possibility of setting a currency code for goods and services

The conditions that follow must be met in order for anyone obtaining a copy of this software and any associated documentation files (collectively, the "software") to be granted permission to use it without restriction. This includes the freedom to use, copy, alter, merge, release, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell replicas of the software, as well as the ability to allow others to do the same.

12. Hotel Bookings Progress Bar for MotoPress

The MotoPress hotel WordPress booking plugins procedure will automatically include a three-step status bar due to this plugin. Installation of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is necessary.

The three-step status bar informs consumers of their current position in the booking procedure. On the subsequent sites, the progress bar will appear above the MotoPress content:

  • Results of the Search
  • Reservation Information
  • Booking Confirmed (or, in the event that reservations are not immediately verified, Reservation Submitted)

Using the plugin options (Settings > Booking Progress Bar), you may modify the default text of every stage and the progress bar's colours. You can additionally employ this plugin for bookings that need admin or user booking confirmation by altering the final step's material. The programme "Hotel Bookings Progress Bar for MotoPress" is available as open source. This plugin has been made available by the following individuals: The theme styling will choose the font colour, but users can adjust it using custom CSS and theme settings when necessary. Also you can checkout the WordPress theme bundle which comes wih 45+ Premium WordPress themes and that too at a reasonable price tag/.


In addition to several resources seasonal costs, conditional date selection, availability search, and a web-based system for users to manage their personal availability it provides a modern and stylish booking admin interface. Businesses can increase bookings and save time on agenda administration by using the Salon Booking System, an easy-to-use scheduling program. With the latest and greatest event calendar plugin, Event Prime, users may add new events to their websites, take payments, and make offers.

A free email advertising tool called Mailchimp for WordPress booking plugins enables users to design intuitive sign-up forms along with additional forms for their websites. With over 150 adjustable settings, the plugin has 22,500 options. Some of the customizable choices are a mobile-friendly interface, customizable search, and motion styles. The 300+ UI-necessary blocks, 18+ templates, and 120+ robust widgets are all included in the Plus Addons for Elementor. Built-in spam protection for JetPack, WordPress, and other comment plugins is provided by Clean Talk's spam protection plugin. Additionally, the plugin filters spam responses on all forms, such as inquiry, quiz, and survey forms. The cost-free booking plugin from eaSYNC makes it simpler for customers to book hotels, restaurants, and rental cars.

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